Train Nails


I had heard of using plastic sheets to make cool designs on your nails very easy. So I was thinking of a design when a train popped up in my head. And I thought… why not?


What you’ll need:

  • Some nailpolishes
  • A plastic sheet (I just used a plastic bag)
  • A dotting tool (I just used a bobbypin)


I started off by drawing the design that I wanted on a piece of paper. I made sure that every part of the train would fit on my nails.


Then I put the plastic bag over my design and used my bobby pin to colour it in.  I made the wheels in black.


I left it to dry overnight. The next morning I could just peel the train parts off. It felt like plastic.


Next, I applied a base coat to protect my nails.


Over that I painted my nails blue and made the tips grey so it would look like the ground.


I applied a topcoat, put on the trains, and then another topcoat.


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