Glitter shoes


Last summer I went to Spain for the holiday with my family. We went canyoning, which was an awesome thing to do, if you haven’t done it, go do it! Because if you like a little bit of excitement, and are not afraid, you won’t regret doing it. I promise. But when we were planning to canyon we found out we would need some shoes that could get wet. Of course we didn’t have any shoes with us that could just drown and we wouldn’t mind, so we went to a store in a nearby city and found fake vans for only 6 Euro. They were comfortable and stayed on in the water. So it was a very good buy.

When the holiday was over and I was home again the shoes stayed in my closet for a long time. But then I found a lot of shoes on Pinterest that had been ‘glittered’. I loved the idea and decided to try it.

These shoes were originally dark blue, and in a store I found dark blue glitter that exactly matched my shoes. I mixed the glitter and some clear drying glue and applied it to my shoes with a brush. If you want to try this, don’t forget to take out the shoelaces and it would be smart to tape of the places you want to leave white, otherwise there will be glitter all over the place. Unfortunately I didn’t do that, but from far away nobody will see the lost glitter. And lets face it, how often does somebody look to your shoes from such a small distance?!. After everything was covered with glitter. I let the shoes dry for about 24 hours. The next day I showed them to the world and people were like ‘OOOOOH’.

I’m really happy how they turned out and I’ve got them for about three months now. No glitter has come off yet, and they have even survived the rain.


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