DIY Sparkly holiday nails

202380576976755716_u6d4wx9R  IMG_4371IMG_4374

You need

  • Some glitter. I used this white glitter, although I’m not sure if it’s white or yellow…
  • A little bowl. You will need this to put in the glitter. Make sure you can easily put your nail in it.
  • A topcoat.
  • Some cotton swabs.
  • A newspaper or any paper you want to throw away.

Start by putting the newspaper on the surface you’re working on, so you won’t have to clean up any glitter that fell around.


Put the glitter in the bowl. Don’t worry about putting too little or too much in the bowl. You can always put in more or put it back with the other glitters.


Apply a topcoat to your nails.


Put your nails in the glitter while your nails are still wet. Make sure your whole nail is covered with the glitter.


Remove the glitter that came on your skin with the cotton swab. You can also push the glitter against your nails with your fingers so it will lay more flat.

Apply another topcoat, and you’re ready to sparkle!

I really love these nails. They sparkle everywhere, whether you are in the light or in the dark. It will be hard to get it off though… But it will be perfect for Christmas.



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