From man shirt to lace shirt


So my dad was cleaning out his closet, and found some shirts he didn’t want any more. He wanted to throw them away or give them to a thrift store… but I saved this shirt. It wasn’t too big for me, but it wasn’t flattering either. So I decided to restyle it.


Lets start with the shoulders. I don’t think I’ve got man-shoulders. Since I’m a girl that does make sense, but it is quite irritating that those shoulders are way bigger. Anyway, the shoulders where way too big so I decided to make them smaller.


And the arms were also too big. I put another shirt that did fit me on top of the other one to decide how much smaller the arms would have to be.


But it was still a little bit too plain. So I added some lace to the collar.


And on the arms.


But when I tried to scrunch the sleeves up, they wouldn’t stay. So I sewed some elastic on the sleeves so it would stay. And it did :).


So this is how it turned out. And yes, there is a Christmas tree in the back.

IMG_4382 IMG_4383 IMG_4384


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