Red wall

Don’t ask me why, but a long time ago I was what you might call ‘obsessed’ with the colour green. More or less all the things I bought became green. I had a green towel, a green toiletry bag, a green carpet, a green blanket, green curtains and of coarse a green wall. Unfortunately I do not love the colour green any more. So I went ahead and repainted my wall.

IMG_4394IMG_4399 IMG_4407

There were some holes in the wall so I filled it with… I don’t know what it’s called… O wait is it called body filler? Well it doesn’t matter, the point is I did this so there wouldn’t be any holes in my wall.


My wall used to be half white – half green. And because I didn’t want to see any green shining through the red, I started off by painting it white. With a brush I painted the corners and later I started using a roller.

IMG_4411 IMG_4413


When I woke up the next morning my wall was totally white and dry.

IMG_4423 IMG_4426

So it was time for the next colour. I started by using a paintbrush to do the corners. I should have probably have used some tape or something to tape the white pieces off… but I didn’t have any. And it was Christmas so all the stores were closed.

IMG_4427 IMG_4429

When I had done all the corners I used a roller again to paint everything. In the end I had done two coats because it was a bit with light and dark pieces all over the place. I even had to get another paint bucket. In the end, I had used 1,5 liters of red paint and I don’t know hoe much white.


BUT BE WARNED!!! Your hands may get runed by the paint.

IMG_4461 IMG_4464 IMG_4466 IMG_4467 IMG_4471 IMG_4488IMG_4473 IMG_4474


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