DIY Elephant sweater


A long, long time ago I found the most amazing sweater on Pinterest. It was an elephant, with the trunk on the sleeve. I wanted it so badly! But when I looked on the internet for the sweater… it was as if an alien had stolen it and moved it to another planet. But if I would have found it… it would be child-size. I was very depressed for the following weeks. But then I thought… why not make it myself?

I bought two sweaters from the New Yorker, a grey and a pink one. They were both 10 Euro, and were both made from jersey, which wasn’t a good thing. It is stretchy so it doesn’t really work. But it turned out fine.

I started by tracing the sweater and drawing on the design.


If my crayons wouldn’t hate me, I would have just drawn the design on the sweater with my crayon. But my crayons did hate me. So I made the design with needle and thread.


If I’d just cut in the sweater, everything would fray and look awful. So my plan was to zigzag first along the edges, so it wouldn’t fray. But if I’d just do that, It would get a little bumpy. So I pinned some fabric that wouldn’t fray at the back of the sweater, so it wouldn’t get bumpy.


I did two rows of zigzag in the same colour as the grey sweater.


Then I cut between them, and the fabric wasn’t fraying anymore.

IMG_4601IMG_4605 IMG_4603 IMG_4610

I used a needle and thread to pin the elephant to the sweater. I used a bright colour thread, so I could remove it later.


Then I just sewed it to the sweater. Again with a zigzag.

IMG_4620 IMG_4622

Around the ears and between the legs I put some dark grey thread so you could see them better.


I took a black button and put on some white paint on it so it would look like an eye.


And I sewed on the tail.

IMG_4637 IMG_4626 IMG_4628 IMG_4629


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