DIY Shoe organizer


I am a messy person. I put my stuff on the ground, on my bed, on my desk, just everywhere. And when I am cleaning my room… My shoes don’t belong anywhere. I have no place to put them. And when I went to IKEA I saw they had this shoe organiser in a drawer kind of shape. But I did not really like it, and it didn’t fit in my closet anyway. Then my dad wanted to make a shoe organiser with me that would fit in my closet. so we went ahead and build a shoe organiser!

I did have some other pictures from how we did the wood, but they got lost. I don’t know how.

So in the wood are sixteen holes, they don’t go all the way through the wood, but they are big enough to put the sticks in. And we made a big hole, so I could roll the hole thing out. We painted the wood in white. It took a couple of layers and sanding a lot in between, but at the end it looked perfect.

At IKEA we got some sticks and shoe holders. But we wanted the shoes to stand a bit at an angle, so we bent them. My dad made this whole ‘machine’ kind of thing, so if you would bend it, everything would be in the same angle.


We used a hammer to put the sticks in the holes. Then we put the plastic shoe thing… (I don’t know what it’s called) on the stick.


We put drawer slides in my closet and put in the shoe organiser.


It is really nice that I can easily put in and take away my shoes, and that I can directly see all the shoes I own. If you want to do this… It is quite time-consuming, but it will be definitely worth it!

IMG_5023 IMG_5025IMG_5050 IMG_5056


3 thoughts on “DIY Shoe organizer

  1. This is great. I just went to Ikea but the organiser was too big for the space I have. I’m going to make one like yours.

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