DIY lace polkadot collar top


I have seen a top like this in a lot of different stores. In cheap and expensive ones, but still all to pricey for my taste. I thought I could easily make this myself and safe some money. So if you want to know how I made this top, please read further.

What you need:

  • A large piece of fabric
  • A piece of lace
  • A shirt with collar that you like the fit from
  • A sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Buttons
  • Scissors



Take a shirt with a collar and trace these parts.

  1. The back
  2. The left front side panel
  3. The right front side panel
  4. The collar
  5. The strip in the middle of the shirt where the buttons are coming
  6. The strip in the middle of the shirt where the button holes are coming
  7. The shoulder area in lace


Trace all the parts and cut them out.


Sew a zigzag along the edges so they won’t fray.


Take part 1 and fold it along the traced area.


Take part 7 and lay it underneath.


Sew along the edges. Repeat this with parts 2 and 3 so the lace will be on the front and the back.


Take part 1 and 2 and flip them inside out. Pin them together and sew. Repeat this with part 1 and 3.


Take part 5 and 2. Lay part 2 flat and lay part 5 over it. Fold in the end of part 5 that is overlapping part 2.


Fold over part 5 so the edge will look nice and so the edge is folded to the inside.


Sew along both edges and repeat with part 3 and 6.


This is more or less how it will look from the inside.


Take the bottom of part 2 and fold in the edges.


Sew along the edge. Repeat at part 1 and 3. For part 7, roll up the edges and sew over them.


For the collar, take part 4. Face the ugly side outwards and fold in two.


Sew along the edge and leave open a little gap so you gan still fold it inside out. Add it to part 7.


Take the buttons and add them to part 5 or 6, whichever you want. To add the buttons, start by taking a thread and making a loop. Let the end of the thread go in and out of the loop a couple of times so it will look like the picture. Take both ends of the thread and pull.


Take a needle and put the thread in it. Decide where you want the button to be and go through the fabric from the inside.


Go crazy and go through all the loops of the button and keep going back to the fabric again. End it by making a few knots.

IMG_5316IMG_5317IMG_5378IMG_5377 IMG_5376


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