Despicable me nails



I really love the minions from despicable me, they are so cute and yellow! I thought it would be pretty cool if I would have minions on my nails when I would go to the despicable me 2 movie.


What you’ll need:

  • A base coat
  • A yellow nailpolish
  • A white nailpolish
  • A black nailpolish
  • A grey nailpolish
  • A red nailpolish
  • A topcoat
  • A dotting tool or the back of a pencil
  • A toothpick


Step 1. Apply a basecoat.

Step 2. Paint your nails yellow.


Step 3. Make the eyes with a dotting tool or the back of a pencil. Some have one eye and some have two.


Step 4. Put some pupils in the eyes with a toothpick. Add the band of the goggles and outline the mouths.


Step 5. With the toothpick, put some grey around the eyes, white for the teeth and red for the tongue.

Step 6. Apply a topcoat.



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