DIY Flower headband

First of all, I am sorry I haven’t posted in a very long time. I just didn’t really feel like posting anything lately. But now I’ve started a YouTube channel and I’m back again with new DIY’s every week. My YouTube channel is called Yvonsworld, so if you would like, you could go and subscribe.

DIY Flower head bandDIY Flower head band3

So let’s get started


I just used this thin golden elastic I once got wrapped around a present.

DIY Flower head band4

These fake flowers were perfect for this project. There is a bendable part on the end, which I used to wrap around the elastic.

DIY Flower head band5

A pair of scissors to cut the elastic.

DIY Flower head band6

Step 1

Take your elastic and wrap it around your head. Put your fingers at the point they meet so you know where to tie the knot.

DIY Flower head band7

Step 2

Tie a knot.

DIY Flower head band8

Step 3

Take the flowers and wrap the stem around the elastic. Wrap it around as tightly as you can so it will stay on a long time. Repeat this with all the other flowers.

DIY Flower head band9DIY Flower head band10DIY Flower head band11

Step 4

Cut off the elastic next to the knot.

DIY Flower head band

And you are done!

DIY Flower head band14


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