DIY Cut-Out Jeans

These jeans are a little bit out there, but I do like them. They used to be plain black skinny jeans, but now, they are definitely something. So let’s get started!

DIY cut-out jeans


  • Some skinny jeans
  • Cardboard
  • A pen
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some fabric chalk
  • (Optional) a sewing machine

So these are some old jeans I have. I did not really wear them anymore so I decided to spice them up a little.

triangle jeans1

Step 1

Draw a triangle on the cardboard. The size you want the cut-outs to be should be the size of the triangle. Then cut out the triangle.

triangle jeans2

Step 2

Draw a line in the middle of the cardboard triangle.

triangle jeans3

Step 3

Turn your jeans inside out. Make sure the outside side seam is facing you.

triangle jeans4

Step 4

Take your triangle and put it on the seam. Make sure the line on your triangle is aligned with the seam line.

triangle jeans5

Step 5

Trace around the triangle.

triangle jeans6triangle jeans7

Step 6

This step is optional. If you do this, your jeans will survive longer. Anyway, I stitched a zigzag around the triangles. So all the triangles would stay triangles longer.

triangle jeans8 triangle jeans9

Step 7

Take your scissors and cut out the triangles.

triangle jeans10 triangle jeans11

And you’re done!

triangle jeans12


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