DIY Instagram Door

Instagram door

I really like Instagram, i really like pictures, I really like DIY’s. So why not combine everyting? Previously, I’ve made Another DIY of this. Only I’ve found out this works better. It is easier and stays on way longer. I added these pictures on the door of my closet, so every time I open it, I see hundreds of pictures.

So let’s get started.


  • Instagram, or just some random pictures
  • Word, or some other program you can use to put in pictures
  • A printer
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some painter’s tape

Instagram door1  Instagram door3

Step 1.

If you are using Instagram, take screenshots of your favourite pictures.

Instagram door5

Step 2.

E-mail the screenshots to yourself.

Instagram door

Step 3.

Crop all the pictures and add them in a word-document.

Instagram door6

Step 4.

Print it out.

Instagram door7

Step 5.

Cut out all the pictures.

Instagram door8Instagram door9

Step 6.

Tear off a piece of painter’s tape and fold in the edges. Fold it so the sticky side is on the outside.

Instagram door10

Step 7.

Put those sticky things on all four corners of the pictures.

Instagram door11Instagram door13

Step 8.

Stick the pictures on wherever you want it.

Instagram door12

And you are done. Some of those pictures are already hanging in my closet for half a year, and they still look perfect.

Instagram door15Instagram door14


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