DIY Graphic tee

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I’ve wanted a simple graphic tee for a while now, but I could never find one I liked and was within my price range. So I thought, why not make one myself? And so I did. It is really simple and quick to make and would make a great gift to a friend. And if you’ve read The fault in our stars by John Green you might understand why I chose to print OKAY. on the shirt.


Things you’ll need

  • A shirt
  • Transfer paper
  • An iron
  • Some baking paper
  1. Start by washing your shirt, then let it dry completely.
  2. Find your design and mirror the image. Print it out on your transfer paper.
  3. Cut out your design and leave about a centimeter around the image.
  4. Put your iron on the highest setting.
  5. Take your transfer paper with the design faced down and lay it on top of your shirt. Make sure it is positioned the way you want and lay some baking paper over it.
  6. Take your iron and press for about 10-12 seconds on the transfer paper. Make little circles while ironing. Also make sure you go firmly over the edges.
  7. Remove the baking paper and let it cool down. Then slowly peel off the transfer paper.
  8. Take your baking paper again and lay it over your shirt. So now you’ll have the design which is already stuck onto your shirt, with the baking paper over it. Then take your iron and go over the design another 10-12 seconds again. This time you do not have to press. Leave to cool down for 2-3 seconds, then slowly peel off the baking paper.
  9. And you are done! I recommend to carefully wash the shirt inside out so it will stay perfect. And you have your own perfect graphic tee!

One thought on “DIY Graphic tee

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